The pressures of today's marketplace dictate that businesses function at maximum efficiency at every level. Are you getting the maximum performance out of your database and software applications?

  • Are you satisfied with your ability to generate useful reporting?
  • Do inconsistent make/model/type descriptions frustrate inventory management practices?
  • Does duplicate customer account information exist in your data?
  • Do free form text descriptions limit your ability to research sales, repair and warranty information?

The information that lives in an enterprise database is the lifeblood of most companies. Yet few companies leverage this important asset to operate more efficiently. Fast Iron solutions allow asset-based companies to take control of data by developing standards, normalizing content and managing ongoing compliance.

  • Transform data into valuable information that supports operations and identifies opportunities.
  • Eliminate costly software purchases for products that "over promise" and "under deliver".
  • Negotiate significant cost savings on software initiatives and professional service engagements.
  • Increase the ROI on software implementations by providing highly usable and customizable content.


Businesses communicate in common jargon to describe everyday activities involving customers, assets and events. Important information is often written to a database as free form text because the method is fast and allows the entry of very specific information. Although convenient from a user perspective, free form text presents a myriad of data management problems. The abbreviations, syntax errors, and references to other data fields render the information impossible to automatically search. Employees waste hours everyday scouring individual records for information that could be identified in seconds were it searchable.

Data formats also pose the most difficult challenge to the software development team. Software solutions are judged on their ability to provide valuable content in a usable format. Developers are faced with the task of implementing tools to allow users to sift the important information from a sea of dirty data. Is it surprising that implementations routinely come in late and over budget?


Consider the impact of clean data. Users can find information immediately to support operational activities. Strategic decisions can be determined quickly and accurately from all relevant information contained in the database. Software purchases and functionality can be evaluated knowing what the enterprise content will support. Software development time and costs are reduced with data standards to guide design.

The savings from clean data adds up quickly. Employees can focus on value added activities. Better decisions are made faster. Software ROI is dramatically increased as unneeded purchases are avoided and deployment costs are reduced by upwards of 30%!


Your company can quickly come to understand how data quality can positively impact the bottom line. Before your business makes the decision to hire additional support staff or fund another costly software initiative, take the Fast Iron Challenge and receive a free data assessment.

Provide a sample data set and tell us what is important for your organization to know: make/model/product type rollups, maintenance event standardization, customer duplicates, whatever you want to know about your data. Fast Iron will normalize the data set and provide you an analysis of the results.

We believe the results will clearly demonstrate: the value that clean data can provide your organization and the ability of Fast Iron solutions to deliver clean data. If you decide to do nothing else, you still understand the quality of your enterprise data and have made no investment. What do you have to lose?

"Fortune 1000 Enterprises will lose more money in operational inefficiency due to data quality issues than they will spend on Data Warehouse and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives." -Gartner